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Fire Prevention Tips for Every Homeowner

As a homeowner, you will want to take the necessary steps in preventing a potential house fire. Fires can cause a great deal of damage not only to your property, but also to the many memories that you have made with your family in your home.

In addition, fires can be extremely dangerous for those who are in the house at the time that the fire starts. Every homeowner should take advantage of these fire prevention tips that will truly help you in preventing a fire within your home before it has the chance to start. Now you will have the peace of mind to know that you are safe in your own home.

Your Homes Electrical System

One of the most common ways that a house fire starts is from a faulty electrical system. Your electrical system should be checked by a professional annually to ensure that you are not experiencing any issues. Some things that will be checked on your electrical system include grounded receptacles, damaged wiring that may have been caused by pests chewing on it, circuit breaker damage, tripped fuses, power surges and more. By hiring a professional to look over your system regularly, you are preventing the risk of your system starting an accidental fire within your home.

HVAC Systems

fire prevention tips for homeownersAir conditioning and heating systems require semi-annual maintenance in order to ensure the safest home possible and to take the necessary steps in fire prevention. An overworked fan motor or a clogged filter can start a fire in just a matter of minutes. Air conditioning coils should be cleaned, filters should be changed and furnace burners should be cleaned before starting up the heat at the beginning of the winter season. Regular HVAC maintenance will help to prevent a fire from starting in your home.

Flammable Liquids

If you have any flammable liquids within your home, they should be stored in areas where there is no ignition source present. For example, you will not want to store paint cans, gasoline or other flammable materials near the stove, washing machine or dryer as this can start a fire easily. In addition to flammable liquids, it is important to keep your stove and other ignition starters clear of any garbage or debris such as paper which can catch on fire in just seconds.

Other fire prevention tips for every homeowner include proper maintenance of your fireplace, being careful when using space heaters, keeping your appliances clean and using caution when burning candles and oil lamps. Preventing a fire is simple when you take the proper steps for you and your homes ultimate safety.